Stop Loan Sharks Pixel Art Project

Project Overview 

We are working in partnership with England Illegal Money Lending TeamNorton Priory Museum & Gardens and Halton Police on a new project focused on informing Halton residents about the dangers of Loan Sharks. 

The ‘Stop Loan Sharks Pixel Art Project’ will bring together a wide range of people from different backgrounds and experiences, to create a ‘Stop Loan Sharks’ pixel art stained glass window mosaic at Norton Priory Museum & Gardens in Runcorn, Halton. 

The finished artwork will be 7.5 metres long, 2.25 metres high and will be installed across five windows at the entrance of Norton Priory. This location will mean that the artwork will be seen by all visitors to Norton Priory. The artwork will also be visible when the museum is closed as it will be lit up during the evening for anyone walking in the area.

Creating The Pixel Artwork 

We will be delivering five, pixel art workshops with local schools and community groups. Our artists and Runcorn Police will be attending these sessions and teaching young people about the dangers of loan sharks and how to create pixel art. During the sessions, all of the participants will design their own ‘stop loan sharks’ 8cm x 8cm pixel art.

All these smaller pieces of artwork will come together around our artist’s design, to make a larger mosaic piece of art. The mosaic will include details of what to do if you are trapped by a loan shark as who to contact.

The pixel art mosaic will be printed on translucent vinyl which will then be installed on the windows. The artwork will act in a similar way to a stained glass window allowing light through and enabling the designs to be viewed on both sides of the window. The vinyl is extremely hard-wearing which will enable the artwork to stay in place and permit the participants to be able to get up close to the artwork and point out their own designs. 

Unveiling and Celebrating 

To mark the unveiling of the artwork we are going to deliver a celebration event at Norton Priory. This event will bring together all of the young people who have participated in the project and their families, as well as all of the project partners. 

We are hoping to host the celebration event in April 2021.

We will be filming throughout the project and during the celebration event. A combination of these videos and live streams will be broadcasted via social networks, to show the pixel art mosaic unveiling. 

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